It's All So Hospitable

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Size: 11x14


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From Tin Cup Design: 

I hope you know this feeling. A quiet morning visit to the lake (Park Point, in this case), the sun is just up, the water is quiet, still and a brilliant color. Along the sandy path, the beach grass seems to be waving in hello. It’s a good beginning to a day. I am often struck how nature seems so safe and welcoming to us—I would even say it is hospitable.

This print is part of a lake series in which I interpret some of the many different moods, textures, colors Lake Superior takes on on any given day. There are many! This green-watered morning is one I love.

This print is available in both 11x14 and 16x20 sizes. The 11x14 print is printed locally on very nice, 130# Classic Crest cover, is signed and has a printed title. The 16x20 version is printed on extra thick 308gsm, matte rag paper through Parabo Press and hand titled and signed.

All photos courtesy of the artist, Tin Cup Design.