About Us

Downtown Grand Marais, Minnesota
12 First Avenue West

Summer & Fall Hours

Monday through Saturday
10:00am - 5:00pm
10:00am - 4:00pm

At The Big Lake we encourage everyone to seek adventure, enjoy all of life’s simple pleasures and discover the wild beauty that surrounds you. In our shop and website, you will find a wide variety of wall art, ceramics, jewelry gifts, crafts and books that all reflect the beauty, culture, and allure of the North Shore of Lake Superior. From locally made ceramic mugs, amusing prints of feisty forest animals, books ideal for north woods children, and striking gemstone jewelry, we promise to have something for everyone at The Big Lake.

Welcome to the Big Lake! We are so happy you found us and, if we haven't already met you, we are very excited to do so! We are a family run business with a love that runs deep for the North Shore.
My name is Abby Tofte, and I am most likely the gal you will see at the shop when you stop in. My husband, Sam Hedstrom, is an Electrician in town but is actively involved behind the scenes here at The Big Lake. Oh, and of course, we can not forget our two littles, Freja & Aren. Most likely, they won't be in the shop when you arrive, much preferring to play in the backyard with Grandma and their puppies ;-) 

Oh, and the puppies... Olive & Finn :-)