About Us

Welcome to The Big Lake!

We are so happy you found us and, if we haven't already met you, we are very excited to do so! We are a family run business with a love that runs deep for the North Shore. Our shop is passionately run year round by female power. In the shop you will find Flower Mama Danni, Pottery Fanatic Nikki and Candle Sniffin' Katie. During our slow season you may also run into Exquisite Jewelry Connoisseur Amy, or Inappropriate Card Buying Advocate Kelly (during the busy season, you most certainly will).
If you are purchasing something online, Britt the shed hunting Northern Goddess will be shipping your packages with love and care. And me? I'm Abby and I am obsessed with beautiful children's book illustrations and enchanted prints. You will find me online (all the social sites), updating the website and filling in wherever is needed. 

Nikki, Abby & Danni in the BEFORE (pre-pandemic)

In our shop and website, you will find a wide variety of wall art, ceramics, jewelry gifts, crafts and books that all reflect the beauty, culture, and allure of the North Shore of Lake Superior. From locally made ceramic mugs, amusing prints of feisty forest animals, books ideal for north woods children and striking gemstone jewelry, we promise to catch your eye and steal your heart.... or not. We are one of those you either love us or hate us joints.

We hope you enjoy your time here at the shop where we aim to make sure everyone feels comfortable, happy and seen. It's a great place to be and we can't wait to share our space with you. 

The family behind The Big Lake: Abby Tofte, Freja, Sam Hedstrom, & Aren

These are the FIRST website photos we ever took for The Big Lake back in 2018!