How Winter Works: A Uniquely Informational Print

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This. Is. The. Coolest. Print. Ever.

From Tin Cup Design:

How Winter Works: A comprehensive guid for the multi-disciplinary outdoor recreationalist looking to maximize their enjoyment of various winter experiences!

A marriage of form and function gives you this print—it’s a little weird, a little silly (you should see the over the top wording on some of this), but a whole lot helpful, and absolutely accurate!

We hope this is a truly useful tool for you that saves you time, helps you enjoy the wintry outdoors and brings a smile to your face. This informative piece of art is the handy guide to winter recreationalists everywhere who classic ski, alpine ski, skate ski, snowshoe, snowboard, backcountry ski or fat bike!

We (my husband and I) have done the work of creating a helpful wheel which guides you to the best snow-related activity to engage in at that moment, based on temperature, when it last snowed and how much it snowed.

Here’s an example : You have an hour before work starts and you’d like to exercise. But are the conditions right for skate skiing? Fat biking? You don’t want to waste your hour getting outside only to find out you guessed on the wrong activity given the conditions of the day. So…

  1. You check the temperature on that old, bolted thermometer outside your kitchen window. 5 below!

  2. When did it last snow? 2 days ago!

  3. How much did it snow? 2 inches!

  4. Based on those conditions, the Winter Wheel recommends classic skiing! Pull on that balaclava and go for a ski!

The expertise in this print also includes Guiding Principles to be abide by during our winter months!

Elaborations and Explanations follow to further give direction and guidance as to winter recreation preparedness, understanding of weather, understanding of winter sport gear and how to embrace them both!

Pray for snow!