How To Build Community : Duluth

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Size: 11x14


This is an 11 x 14 print.

From Tin Cup Design:

One of my dreams is to see neighborhoods in Duluth filled with all kinds of different people move from being separate homes of separated people to being a community where there is genuine friendship and connection and care and overlapping lives—real and awkward and gritty and deep. The words in this print offer small, daily practices that move us toward those things.

This print is set in the northern city, Duluth, Minnesota. You can find many landmarks and beloved corners in the print—trails, creeks, the Coppertop, old Central, the Rose Garden, the Antennae Farm, our great hills and, of course, the Great Lake.

A portion of the cost of this print goes to the Syracuse Cultural Workers who originally wrote these wonderful words in 1998.

This print suits both an 11x14 and 8.5x11 frame.