Broomcorn Vegetable Scrubber

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From the Artist: This all natural broomcorn vegetable scrubber is approximately 4” to 5” tall and is tied in the Appalachian style that dates back hundreds of years. This brush is great for cleaning the leftover dirt from store bought, home grown or wild harvested mushrooms. Lightly dry brush over your mushrooms to remove dirt without bruising or cutting your mushrooms. Also great for scrubbing dirt from carrots or potatoes harvested in the garden! This brush can be used to scrub vegetables under running water. Be sure to hang to dry or store on a surface where water can drain from the bristles after use. A great gift for that mushroom connoisseur, home gardener or chef in your life! 

Listing is for one brush/scrubber.

Please note that because each item is individually hand crafted, there will be some variances in your delivered item from the representative product pictured here.