1,000 Booties for 1,000 miles

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Your donation goes toward our goal of outfitting Cook County musher Erin Altemus, of Sawtooth Racing, with 1,000 dog booties for her sled dog team’s first attempt at the historic Iditarod Race in Alaska!!!

We are so grateful for your support and we hope you follow along with Erin’s adventure on her website and blog: sawtoothracing.weebly.com/

This is a GREAT gift idea for folks in your life who love sled dogs, the outdoors, and/or adventurous women! You can print off this page or email us for the jpeg of each image and print the poster at home to give your loved one more information about their gift of booties to Sawtooth Racing! 

A set of 4 dog booties is $5. The additional 50 cents added to the online sale is to cover the Shopify online transaction fee. You can also donate via cash or check at The Big Lake if you would prefer not to pay this 50 cent fee online. Thank you!

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