• Out of the Woods (or How We Quit the Forest)
Emily Winfield Martin

Out of the Woods (or How We Quit the Forest)

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I like to think that this little lady had spent quite an adventurous few days in the forest and is now returning "home" with her furry friends in tow. She wasn't sure she would ever leave the forest, because she loves it so. However, as much as she loved her home in the woods, she missed the warmth of her mother's embrace and had just finished her last book. What is your version of the story? 

One of the many beautiful images by Ms. Martin on display at our new favorite stomping ground, The Wunderbar Glampground & Eatery in Grand Marais, MN :-)

"Out of the Woods (or How We Quit the Forest)"
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From the Artist
She says about this portrait;

There are many reasons for the girl and the creatures to pack their bags and go, but I can't imagine any reason good enough to leave the woods unless you were in serious danger or distress.

How We Quit The Forest is the name of a favorite album of mine, and I'd been thinking of a loosely related painting for years and years (though what happens in the song is mostly between an ostrich & an egret and doesn't have too much to do with this picture at all.)

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