• MN Cribbage Board
  • MN Cribbage Board
  • MN Cribbage Board
Hagen & Oats

MN Cribbage Board

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These super fun, handmade MN cribbage boards are brought to you by the incredible sisters of Hagen & Oats who live right here in Minnesota!

Each cribbage board comes with 6 pegs. 

Choose from two colors: Natural and Stainbow

From the Hagen & Oats Website:

THE Hagen & Oats SISTERS:

Nikki and Anna were born and raised in good ol’ Minnesota. Growing
up they were taught that being a girl means you have all the
power in the world. That being said, at a young age the girls
learned they could do anything! From building a wood strip canoe
to rebuilding a 1970 Volkswagen Beetle, these two grew up hands-on.
The duo acquired a band saw from one of their in-laws
 and off they went. After making a piece of art for Anna’s living
room and uploading a few posts on social media it didn’t take long for
the sisters to realize they have a great talent to share. A few months
later, Hagen and Oats was born! The girls make hand crafted,
Minnesota inspired art out of wood and there is not a piece of art
they don’t have their hands on. They now sell art in
over 40 Locations and teach classes at their shop in Newport. 


*All Photos Courtesy of Hagen & Oats