• Hush Hush, Forest
Mary Casanova

Hush Hush, Forest

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Mary and Nick really went above and beyond with this new book titled “Hush Hush, Forest.” It’s an incredible experience to be cozied up reading this book both by yourself and also with littles on your lap. The woodblock prints by local artist Nick Wroblewski are absolutely mesmerizing. I could not recommend this book more! 

Lyrical words and elegant woodcuts capture the quiet beauty of the forest as day fades to night and autumn gives way to the North Woods winter

Hush Hush, Forest peers through twilight’s window at the raccoon preening, the doe and fawn bedding down, the last bat flitting away. Picturing the rituals of creatures big and small as they prepare for the long winter’s sleep, this charming book captures a time of surpassing wonder for all readers—and bids everyone in the hushed forest a peaceful good night.