• Color Sweeper Broom
  • Color Sweeper Broom
  • Color Sweeper Broom
  • Color Sweeper Broom
Marybeth Garmoe

Color Sweeper Broom


Handmade in Hovland, MN

How do I store my hand-tied brooms?

All hand-tied brooms from are made with all natural broomcorn (Sorghum vulgare), which is tightly woven onto a sustainably harvested sapling handle.  With appropriate care, your hand-tied broom will last for many years.  It is best to hang your broom when it is not in use to prevent the broomcorn fibers from bending.  This also allows for a great way to display your beautiful broom for all to admire!  Alternatively, you can store the broom leaned against a wall or in a closet with the handle side down to keep pressure off of the broomcorn fibers.  

Will my broom that has dyed broomcorn leave color marks on my white floor?

All dyed broomcorn has been tested to ensure it will not transfer color to your surfaces, even when wet.  Furthermore, all colors have been tested by dipping the dyed fibers into bleach water to ensure it will not fade quickly.  I do my best to provide a quality product, so please let me know if you have any issues with colors fading or transferring to other surfaces!

Why is a hand-tied broom better than one I would buy at a big box store?

Each of my brooms are constructed and tied individually, with much attention paid to quality and aesthetics.  Most brooms that are purchased at big box stores are made by machine in a foreign country and are not made to last.  They are generally made from plastics and contain toxic adhesives and paints.  My brooms are made from all natural broomcorn and nylon, cotton or linen string and the sweepers and hearth brooms utilize sustainably harvested sapling handles.  My brooms are tightly woven and tied so they will not come apart, and if stored appropriately, they will maintain their shape and function for many years.  You may very well be passing your broom on to your children!