• Candle, Truffle, Matches & Valentine's Day Card Bundle
The Big Lake

Candle, Truffle, Matches & Valentine's Day Card Bundle


---The OG my friends---

Candle + Truffle + Card

Amazingly scented candle, a beautiful box of matches, a delicious truffle made right next door at The Gunflint Mercantile & a sweet (or sassy!) Valentine's Day card, this is a no brainer. The PERFECT gift for your partner, your sister, your BFF, your co-worker, your mama, your dentist.... we have an amazing dentist here in Grand Marais, just sayin'. HEY ALYSSA! 

When you place your order, I will follow up with a request for the words you would like us to write in your card. Then, we will write your note to your loved one and send it off in the mail the week before Valentine's Day. 

Spread the LOVE! 

Candle Options:
Balsam Fir + Clove, 
Lavender + Spruce,
Patchouli + Sweetgrass,
Amber + Moss

Gunflint Mercantile Truffle Options:
Dark Chocolate Sea Salt,
Triple Chocolate
Red Velvet (not Gluten Free),

Valentine's Day Card
Each bundle will come with a beautiful "Happy Valentine's Day" card. If you have a specific card in mind, please let us know! Either reply to your confirmation email or email us direct here: attention "Valentine's Day Bundle" 

Bulk Orders: If you are interested in a group order of 10+ bundles (for employees, co-workers, book groups, etc.) shoot me an email at with the subject "Group Bundle Order" for discount pricing.