• Black Haired Dala Horse w/Beard | Large
  • Black Haired Dala Horse w/Beard | Large
Rose Holdorf

Black Haired Dala Horse w/Beard | Large


Carved by hand and finished with milk paint and linseed oil by Rose Holdorf. 

Approximately 7 inches tall (ear to hoof) x 6.5 inches wide (nose to tail)

About Rose
Rose grew up between a fir forest and an oak savanna in a house her parents built outside Corvallis, Oregon. A Macalester College alumna with a background in educational nonprofits, she attended North House Folk School in Minnesota to study traditional northern crafts, including timber framing, chair making, greenwood carving, blacksmithing, basket weaving, fibers, and natural dyeing. In 2018, she returned to the land where she was raised to revive her Dad’s wood shop and continue to carve, weave, sew, dye, and build.

Rose is a 2019 member of Teal Cooperative Gallery and teaches woodworking classes at Wildcraft Studio School, North House Folk School, Oregon State University Craft Center, Highland Woodshop, Nordic Northwest, American Swedish Institute, and Women’s Woodshop in Minneapolis, where she has been a Resident Artist since 2018. Whatever adventures may come, Rose hopes to always nurture our land and empower those who value it so we can have stronger relationships with the environment and each other.

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