• Bear Dance
Emily Winfield Martin

Bear Dance


This print reminds me of many things, and many happy memories... even though I have never danced with a bear! I am especially love this print because it reminds me of my daughter Freja dancing with my bearded husband. She always looks so proud of herself dancing with a partner and he always has a look of love and also strength (as he needs to keep our wild pumpkin from twirling off into the bookshelf!!). 

One of the many beautiful images by Ms. Martin on display at our new favorite stomping ground, The Wunderbar Glampground & Eatery in Grand Marais, MN :-)

"Banjo Recital"
Archival Print

From the Artist
She says about this portrait, which was part of her show "Lost on the Midway" that was in the Land Gallery in 2010. The series, which depicts an imaginary carnival was inspired by a line from a Tom Waits song, it is a world filled with oddities, eerie-green skies, and gentle loveliness.

"This painting is a tribute to my favorite image from one of my favorite painters, W.H. Beard. I'm quite jealous of the girl, as they dance their jig on the outskirts of the forest."

From Buy Olympia: All prints arrive sealed in a cello sleeve and a protective stiff envelope, signed by Emily Martin.