• Gratitude Gift Bundle
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Gratitude Gift Bundle


Since the chances are likely slim this holiday season that you will be able to cozy up in person with your favorite girlfriends, sip maple lattes and smell all things pumpkin spice together, we thought it would be fun to create a little bundle to set that mood for you wherever you may be "remotely" enjoying each others company!

Gratitude Bundles Include:
*8oz of Maple Syrup from Caribou Cream in Lutsen, MN (liquid gold, I tell ya!!)
*Balsam Fir + Clove Travel Candle (with fun match box & burning guide)
*Pendleton Notebook
*Quilted Rabbit Sticker
*Gratitude Card

You can send this amazing bundle to all your fellow Autumn loving friends and we will even personalize the card for you! 

Now you don't HAVE to send this bundle to someone, we know many folks who are sending these bundles to themselves! In fact, why not light your new candle, pour some maple syrup in your coffee and use the enclosed autumn card to write a message of love to someone close to your heart? That sounds pretty fantastic to us! 

Oooohhh, or even better, send one to a friend and one to yourself (and only pay shipping for ONE bundle). Yes, please!