• "The Trapper's Daughter" Card Pack (Assortment of 6)
Emily McDowell & Friends

"The Trapper's Daughter" Card Pack (Assortment of 6)


"The Trapper's Daughter" card pack is composed of six cards with the intention to help us channel the ultimate feminine kick ass energy that is The Trapper's Daughter. I would love to create a Goddess Deck someday of epic Northern Women, and I imagine I would will myself to pull The Trapper's Daughter Card from the Deck each and every time. Spread the joy and laugh/cry while you write letter to your closest comrades, while keeping at least 6 feet worth of distance. NO TOUCHING!

We are offering this packs of six cards (shipping included) from The Big Lake for $22.

Let the ridiculously fun card writing extravaganza begin!!!