• Abby's Top 5 List
  • Abby's Top 5 List
  • Abby's Top 5 List
  • Abby's Top 5 List
  • Abby's Top 5 List
  • Abby's Top 5 List
The Big Lake

Abby's Top 5 List


Abby's (that's me!) Top Five List here at The Big Lake!
1. Women's Charcoal Sweatshirt
I honestly wear my sweatshirt every single day.... I actually have one in each color because I am very bad at quickly turning over laundry!!
2. Avenue of the Giants Candle
This is my favorite smell of all time. I LOVE this candle company (Ethics Supply Company). All of the candles from Ethics burn soooooo well! So evenly. They carry throughout the house, too. They are all magnificent!! I just happen to love Avenue of the Giants beyond measure!
3. "Wild" by Emily Hughes
If you couldn't tell by walking into the shop, I am obsessed with beautiful children's book illustrations. "Wild" is by far one of the most treasured in my collection. I can't even begin to describe its beauty... so just get it!
4. Snow Mug by Natalie Sobanja
If you have been around for more than a day, you KNOW that I am obsessed with my Natalie Sobanja snow mug. It just had to be included in my top 5!
5. "Buffalo Maiden" by Corrie Steckleberg
I. Freakin'.Love.Corrie.Steckleberg
I love HER (as a friend, as an artist, as a fellow mama) and I absolutely adore her art. Check out alllllll the things she creates (beyond paintings) here: