Nikki and I have been friends since high school. True story, I have been in love with this woman since the moment I met her. She has always had an air of confidence, grace, balance and, for lack of a better word, mystery. And she has always, ALWAYS had big, gorgeous, curly hair. We have woven in and out of each other's lives for the past 18 years. However, it is in these past 2 and a half years of working together at TBL that our friendship has evolved and grown into what it is today and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.

You will know the second you walk into The Big Lake if it is a “Nikki Day.” It starts with the music, you will be walking amongst the most creative and grounding soundtrack. Go ahead and look up “The Barrel” by Aldous Harding on Spotify. I’ll wait. Seriously go look it up and you will know what I am talking about. The atmosphere is just…… distinct. It’s a vibe, fur shur. 

Nikki has been with me at The Big Lake since the very beginning. She is the creative design force behind so much of our displays at the shop.  When it comes to retail display, I know what I want in my head, but I can never get it just right. However, I have no worries because this is one of Nikki’s super powers.  I don't need to explain what I am thinking, she already knows what will make the design and display shine. 

Check out Nikki’s Top 5 Big Lake Items here,

& her holiday bundle right here. 

Now read Nikki’s interview below :-) 

Tell us a little bit about yourself! How did you find yourself on The North Shore? 

-After growing up here, I left at 15, went to school, travelled around, and came back in 2015 to do bodywork and live in the woods. 

What is your favorite thing about living up north in the winter?


Do you have a favorite winter holiday tradition? 

-I love the smells, sounds, and feels of cooking way too much food with my sisters, and the intent of serving it to others. 

If you were to give your mom one thing from the shop, what would you choose? 

-Katie Daisy mom loves a good planner. 

If your daughter was to walk into The Big Lake right now, what would she be most drawn to?

Do YOU have a favorite “corner” at The Big Lake? 

-The Pottery Wall? Is that a corner? 

When I see a package has arrived from ______________________ I can barely contain myself :-) 

-Any potter, but especially Paul Zoldahn or Luci Hass. Also, Dottir. 

What’s your favorite part about working at The Big Lake? 

-Getting to see really special, beautiful items go to their new homes, and the connection that inspires those purchases. 

I'm not sure anyone is going to read what I am writing down here, but don't you love that Nikki is a woman of very few words..... that is..... until..... she orders her coffee!! I'm dyyyinnnng!!! Love this!!!


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