Meet Danni! 

Danni has been with us at The Big Lake since January. She is our first ever full time employee at The Big Lake and we are SO happy to have her on the team! If you were in the shop at all this summer, you certainly saw her amazing flower arrangements throughout the shop (straight from her garden!). When Danni is at the shop, you will hear the Grateful Dead or Trampled by Turtles playing, and you will feel her incredible warmth and kindness. Danni has a way of making you feel so welcome, seen and loved the moment you meet her. 

In addition to working here at TBL, Danni and her husband Carl own North Country Cottages in Lutsen. A sweet spot with 3 cozy cabins (ALL dog friendly!) on Cascade Beach Road. She is the mama to sweet lil’ Ella (5) who you will often see in their business instagram stories.

I am SO excited for you to meet Danni through this little interview below. Have fun!!


P.s. Be sure to check out Danni's special holiday bundle HERE.

Tell us a little bit about yourself! How did you find yourself on The North Shore?

I’m a Minnesota girl born and raised and always had imagined any hopeful children growing up in MN like I did, with a great affinity for “up north”, lakes and the woods.

When Carl (Danni’s husband) and I were looking at getting married and starting a family, we felt the pull to the great outdoors, and a desire to leave Chicago. We visited my Dad on the north Shore and Carl was really taken by the area. I was able to talk him into giving it a try! 

We moved here a month later having looked in to the area hardly at all, and we feel like we won the lottery it’s been so wonderful.


What is your favorite thing about living up north in the winter? 

I love how quiet it gets here in the Winter. It's amazing when you are outside in the Winter that it's so quiet you feel like you could hear a pin drop!

Walking or snowshoeing in the winter, especially on a day where there are big, fluffy flakes falling, is the absolute best!


Do you have a favorite winter holiday tradition? 

Every year since we moved here we have cut our Christmas tree from our property Not something you could do in Chicago, so that has been super fun for us!


If your daughter was to walk into The Big Lake right now, what would she be most drawn to? 

Stickers and books for sure! She's been super excited about The Princess in Black series, and looooves covering her water bottles and her art cart with stickers :) 

Do YOU have a favorite “corner” at The Big Lake? 

I'm most drawn to the pottery section. There's just something about it! I love that it's beautiful AND functional art. 

When I see a package has arrived from Maggie Anderson I can barely contain myself :-) 

Her work is so unique, every delivery she has made since she has begun displaying here is amazing. I'm like a kid on Christmas morning opening her stuff!

What’s your favorite part about working at The Big Lake? 

The women who work here! To start with, Abby is the most kind, understanding and generous person to work for. But the women who I work side-by-side with are incredible, too! Everyone is so supportive and helpful, and they're just all such lovely ladies. I feel VERY lucky to work alongside them all!


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  • Bobbie Collins: November 18, 2020
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    I miss visiting with you (and Abby too, of course) but am cocooning and limiting contacts as much as possible until this pandemic quiets down. You and Abby are two of the most special ladies who add so much “special-ness” to this special place!!! Great to read about you here and to see how your daughter has grown into such a lovely young lady. I was so sad when Kah-Nee-Tah closed… but so grateful for your subsequent presence in the delightful can’t-wait-until-I-feel-safe-enough-to-revisit The Big Lake!

    Many hugs.


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