Meet Britt

TODAY is all about our wild huntress, woodswoman and nature lover Britt. 

Britt's husband Charley and my husband Sam have been friends since childhood (maybe you saw the post a few days ago by the lighthouse), and in dating Sam, I gained the best friend a gal could wish for. I couldn't imagine my life (both personal and professional) without Britt. Her friendship is absolutely one of the greatest blessings in my life. AND as you soon will find out, in my business!

Britt, like Nikki, has been at The Big Lake since the very beginning. So has her daughter Runa, in a way. We opened TBL when Britt was 2 months pregnant with her daughter Runa. As you can imagine, she was instrumental in the build out of our baby section!!!

Britt has an incredible eye, and is totally in tune with The Big Lake brand. She is the first person (sorry Sam!) that I text when considering a new artist, vendor, or merchandising display. Even while she took a year off TBL to focus on being a mama, I had her on speed dial, and luckily she was always eager to share her thoughts. 

When our web shop took off during quarantine this past spring, without exaggeration it was my full time (and then some!) job to package and ship out orders. When the stay home orders were lifted, and the momentum continued online, I know I needed help in this department. Like, yesterday! To be honest, I was terrified, because I took so much care (and joy!) in fulfilling online orders and I cherished each purchase beyond measure. It was extremely scary even thinking about passing on this responsibility to someone else. It had to be someone I knew and someone I trusted would take the role as seriously as I did. It had to be Britt. So, I texted her and to my surprise and gratitude she said yes! 

I think we can all agree that Britt has gone above and beyond her job description to provide quick, safe and beautifully packed orders to the amazing online customers of The Big Lake.

So without further ado, I present you with Britt’s interview. Enjoy!

Tell us a little bit about yourself! How did you find yourself on The North Shore? 

I live in the woods with my husband Charley, our daughter Runa, a cat named Turbo and our dog named Scout. I love being outside all times of the year. hiking, fishing, hunting, snowmobiling, shed hunting, working and more. 

I was a city girl who moved to Grand Marais my sophomore year of high school. I briefly left for college and have been back ever since. I prefer the calmness of the north woods over the busy chaos of the cities.  


What is your favorite thing about living up north in the winter?

Everything! You can either hate the cold, or embrace it. Either way it’s still going to be cold, so why not make the most of it. Ice fishing is usually a huge winter activity for us. Snowmobiling out onto a frozen lake, ice fishing all day, then spending the night in our permanent ice house (which sits on a lake that is half in the US and half in Canada) is one of my favorite things to do.

If you were to give your mom one thing from the shop, what would you choose? 

One of the Adam Turman tea towels for sure.


If your daughter was to walk into The Big Lake right now, what would she be most drawn to?

The books, 100%. That girl loves a good book, and TBL has many.


Do YOU have a favorite “corner” at The Big Lake? 

I love the clothing. There isn’t one item of clothing in TBL that I wouldn’t dress myself in, my husband, or my daughter in. 


When I see a package has arrived from ______________________ I can barely contain myself :-) 

Lakewood Ceramics


What’s your favorite part about working at The Big Lake? 

I love the great conversations I have with my coworkers and customers. It’s usually so different with each person, but always good.


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