Meet Amy!

The one and only Amy Lehto is our lunch shift liberator!!! How in the world did we get so lucky? I mean seriously, Amy is a North Shore icon!!! Have you ever been to The Gunflint Tavern in town? If so, you certainly know what I am talking about. She is the most coveted bartender in all of Grand Marais! Full of enthusiasm, kindness, joy and the perfect amount of sass, Amy is unstoppable. Oh, and she ALWAYS has the best jewelry…. which, come to think of it, is probably exactly how we got so lucky…. employee discount on Larissa Loden jewelry :-)  

Amy started working at The Big Lake “on call” in early winter 2020. She comes in when we are in need of support and immediately takes to the floor with knowledge and confidence as if she works here full time! An excellent conversationalist, she will get you laughing and chatting in no time at all (be warned, you will likely leave with a new pair of earrings).This past summer and fall, Amy helped us out by working EVERY SINGLE Friday and Saturday lunch shift!!!!

She has a way of making everyone so happy and comfortable, customers and co-workers alike! We all love it when Amy is in the shop.  I am SO excited for you to get to know Amy a little better!! 

Oh! And if you want to check out her top 5 items at TBL, you will find it right here:

Tell us a little bit about yourself! How did you find yourself on The North Shore?

Hi Everyone!!! My name is Amy and I’ve had the privilege of living on the north shore since 1999. I was 14 when we relocated and was incredibly nervous to be attending a new high school. Not even 2 days after moving here I had local peers asking about me and wanting to welcome me to the community. I’ll never forget the love I felt from our small community!


What is your favorite thing about living up north in the winter?

Hands down my most favorite thing would be downhill skiing at Lutsen Mountains. It’s pretty incredible the mountain we have in our backyard up here!


Do you have a favorite winter holiday tradition?

For the last couple of Winter holidays I’ve enjoyed (probably too much) brainstorming what silly mischief I can get the Elf on the Shelf into!!!


If you were to give your mom one thing from the shop, what would you choose?

 Hands down I know she wants a Koselig Pumpkin + Spiced Bourbon candle!!!


Do YOU have a favorite “corner” at The Big Lake?

Anybody who knows me I think would know my’s wherever the jewelry is!!!!!


When I see a package has arrived from ______________________ I can barely contain myself :-) 

Larissa Loden!!!! Her jewelry is spot on! I’m so happy I’ve discovered her jewelry at The Big Lake!


What’s your favorite part about working at The Big Lake? 

I truly enjoy the opportunity to work and be surrounded by such beautiful and uplifting gifts and art. Even after just covering a lunch break, I leave the store with a positive mind set. And the people that the store brings in are top notch as well. Summed up, the Big Lake is one of my happy places ♥️


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    I need to talk to someone about sweatshirt sizes. Do you have any men’s 2X long sizes? Couldn’t find a phone number anywhere. I love your store and shop here whenever in Grand Marais.

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