Hey Everyone, it's me Abby. 
I know what you are thinking.... don't worry, that lovely photo above was taken in the "before." You know, pre-covid.

We all understand that this year's holiday shopping experience is going to be like no other (don't even get me started thinking about how the actual holidays will feel), and that chances are pretty good that you won't even be setting foot into our little shop by the harbor (or any shop for that matter) in the next couple of weeks. I understand why, and yet, I can't help but feel so sad for the loss of connection we will have without our masked face to masked face encounters.

So, I'm here to do something about it! 

For the next couple weeks, I am going to be introducing you to the incredibly powerful and wonderful female force behind The Big Lake! Through interviews, top 5 lists and photographs, the ladies and I here at the shop are going to share with you a bit of ourselves in hopes to make a deeper connection with all of you amazing friends and customers. We want to make sure our part of your holiday shopping experience feels personal and truly is a real experience. You will get to know Danni, Katie, Nikki, Britt and myself a little better in the coming weeks and if while reading you think "YEP! She gets my style" or "I feel like she would get me" please reach out. This is the point!! We want you to have the best shopping experience here at The Big Lake and if you feel a connection, send an email. We are here to help!

Be sure to come back here to read our first interview to drop on the blog with Danni tomorrow. 

Have a great day, friends!




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