Mother's Day Up The Gunflint Trail

For the years that I have had the privilege to be Freja’s mom, and so far there have been two, we have celebrated up the  Gunflint Trail. Even when I was four months pregnant, Sam and I headed up the trail and out on a BWCA canoe trip to Duncan and Rose Lakes. We wanted to celebrate my first “pre-Mother’s Day” in a special way. It felt so good to be paddling a canoe across West Bearskin, then Duncan and finally Rose with our baby tagging along for the ride in my belly. I felt strong. I felt fortunate. I felt very, very happy.

I knew right then and there that I wanted to spend every future Mother’s Day up the Gunflint Trail.

Now, with Freja out in the world, we have continued to celebrate Mother’s Day up the trail. Instead of a BWCA trip, we have opted for the past two years to hike the Magnetic Rock Trail.  Just over 45 miles up the Gunflint Trail, Magnetic Rock is really a wonderful hike, especially with a little one! The round trip hike is about 3 miles of relatively easy trails. The views of the Gunflint are sweeping and with little shade, it is truly a perfect hike to soak up our minimal sun rays in May :-)

Freja and Sam in 2016 and 2017 -- Same pack, bigger Freja

It’s an incredible feeling to climb that final, gentle hill and see this HUGE, 60 foot magnetic rock, shooting out of the ground. You kind of just have to sit and stare at it for a while... which is fortunate because it's also a super fun spot to stop, snuggle and share some snacks!

 Also... hang out with the locals.... 

and of course, take some selfies.....

Ohh ho ho, but wait, there’s more! Everyone knows a trip up the Gunflint Trail is NEVER complete without a stop at Trail Center for milkshakes and fries…. and believe you me, I never miss an opportunity to indulge at Trail Center. Every birthday, celebration, Mother’s Day, you name it,  if given the choice, I ALWAYS choose to venture up the trail and enjoy an entire Maple Milkshake to myself. Yuuuuuum!!

Sun-kissed, happy and exhausted.... what a perfect way to end the day. I hope you too had wonderful celebrations as well with your beautiful families <3



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