Day Two: Big Lake Gift Bundles

Day 2: Big Lake Gift Bundles

For day 2 of our 12 day holiday-palooza, I thought it would be fun to create themed gift bundles for specific friends and family on your shopping list. For example, I have put together ideas for the young north woods explorer, holiday hostess, babushka enthusiast (yes, you read that correctly) and more. If we didn’t have the perfect touches to complete the gift package, I’ve linked to other locally owned shops that I love. I hope you enjoy these combos as much as I loved putting them together!!

The Young North Woods Artist

Oooooh what could be better than a childhood spent in the forest? If you know of a young (or young at heart) wilderness warrior, who has a knack for art, here are some gift ideas for her or him.

Sketches in the Woods, Emily Kreuger of Duluth, MN
This coloring book of "forest findings" is an incredible gift on its own, but coupled with some other thoughtful touches it is sure to be the gift that will keep on giving all year long. A no-brainer is a package of colored pencils from your local art store, or online at Wet Paint in Saint Paul, MN near my alma mater Macalester College :-) 

Trio of mushrooms, for indoor still life drawing practice of course!

This "Animal Tracks" footprint screenprint from Dogfish Media is sure to keep your little Northwoods artist in tip top animal tracking shape for her or his next woodland adventure!  

Coffee Date

A favorite daily ritual of Sam and mine is to drink our Fika coffee brewed in a Chemex. The only thing better than sharing a morning coffee session with a loved one, is doing so while sipping out of a beautiful handmade mug. On weekends, I like to sweeten my cup with a dash of Caribou Cream maple syrup. I absolutely love to drink great coffee from a handmade mug. It is one of my absolute greatest pleasures in life.Trust me, there will be a “Day” dedicated to mugs and coffee in this year’s countdown. So, if you know someone like me, who LOVES their coffee and especially the ritual he or she has carved out of the coffee drinking experience, this is the bundle for them.

Honestly, do mugs get any more beautiful than this? Nick DeVries Pottery is truly one of a kind! A mug from his incredible lineup will more than satisfy your coffee drinking loved one. While you're at it, pick up another for yourself! 

I love the idea of using the Sub Zero blend from Fika Coffee to complete the gift set. The marketing of this particular blend, with a snowflake sweater design, really brings home the holiday feel!

If you give a friend some fika, she or he will ask for a Chemex from UpstateMN


Caribou Cream Maple Syrup! Yummmmm!! You can find it online at Waters Edge :-) 

Holiday Hostess Gifts

The Holiday Hostess always says that they don’t want a gift, that they are doing it because they love to host! But come on, they are HOSTING a bunch of folks during one of the most stressful, and yes happiest, time of year! Bring him or her a little gift, wontcha?

Birch Bark Star by Beth Homa Kraus... how classy can you get? Double points if the host is a proud Scandihoovian!

Check out this Oblong Lace Platter by The Bonnie Potter! Oooooh wouldn't your host love to show this off every chance he or she gets?!

What about this Cake Tester by Marybeth Garmoe of Traditional Necessities? Did anyone else grow up with this? I absolutely LOVED testing cakes and brownies with my mother's cake tester sticks. Chances are, your host will love this thoughtful and traditional gift!

Babushka Doll Enthusiast

I bet you are as shocked as I am that on our small (but growing!) website we have a bundle even for the Babushka enthusiast on your holiday list!

"Collector: The Nesting Dolls" by Jess Polanshek is such a beautiful image. Odds are good, your babushka enthusiast is also a "collector" so that makes this print a win-win! 

Who loving nesting dolls would not love to wear them on her ears? 

"Mama Maiya" the handmade doll by MplsMomma is just so sweet. I can't imagine a babushka collection without it! 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  

I hope you have enjoyed this sampling of Big Lake bundles! I can’t wait until next year to create some more :-)



Abby and the Big Lake Family


  • Posted by Kathleen Rice(Kathy) on

    Just bought one of Nick DeVries pottery mugs from Abby, and love it! My own special mug….I swear, my morning coffee tastes even better! Also, bought a “Sketches from the Woods” coloring book for my nephew….where can I get the cool “twig crayons”?

  • Posted by Abby - The Big Lake on

    Hey James & Christy :-)
    Were you talking about the “Collector: The Nesting Dolls” print? It is $25. I’m sorry I forgot to link it to the blog at first, it’s linked now! Also, we can frame this for you :-)

  • Posted by Abby - The Big Lake on

    Oh Kathy!!! Thank you!!! I will email Emily Kreuger and find out where she gets her twig crayons :-)

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