Day Eleven: Our Beloved Coffee Mugs

Mmmmmmm, coffffffee.
Day Eleven is devoted to coffee and handmade mugs.
Lately, with our current work schedules, Sundays end up being the only day I have the opportunity to sit alone and drink hot coffee. So this past Sunday, I couldn't resist the temptation to devote an entire day of our countdown to the beautiful and unique mugs of The Big Lake, made by both Nick DeVries of Brainerd and Hannah Palma of Grand Marais. 

I remember a few years ago, before I had realized the true beauty and advantage of handmade mugs, I was talking to a close friend who lived in a cute little yurt out in the woods. It was a mid-September day, and she was gushing about how while drinking her morning coffee outside, wrapped in a blanket, she had finally smelled fall for the first time that year. The look of pure excitement and joy in her eyes has always stayed with me.

I made sure to follow her lead that next morning.

That morning cup of coffee, if you allow it to be, certainly can be a very special and intimate ritual. 

I love having a variety of handmade mugs on hand in my kitchen. I have particular mugs I prefer for particular beverages, like coffee, tea, wine and water. It's a problem, my addiction to beautiful handmade mugs.... but a good problem :-) 

At our home, guests get to choose their own mugs. I love to see which mugs speak to my friends and loved ones. 


Do you have a special mug that you have a strong connection with? Do you have a particular morning ritual associated with your coffee break? I'd love to hear about it below in the comments. 

Abby & the Big Lake Family

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