Day Eight: Paul, Babe and Friends

It's Thursday night and as I write this blog post I am sitting her at the Americinn in my hometown of Silver Bay, having just completed my Mariner debut of “The Big Lake” at the annual “Mall of Americinn.” This is a super fun event that takes place on the first Thursday of every December. Folks, there were over FIFTY vendors tonight! That's more people than my graduating class in this town. Each business/artist/vendor takes over a room and showcases their work in unique, creative and often bizarre ways (how DO you tastefully display inventory on two double beds and/or a jacuzzi??). What a BLAST I had! It was so much fun to meet new folks, hug old friends and see what Silver Bay Big Lake fans like best of our inventory. You know what was pretty clear? They love Paul Bunyan :-) So, since I'm already in the spirit, let's highlight all the wonderful Paul, Babe and friends inventory we have to offer here at the Big Lake! 

Like the Paul Doll from Mpls Momma of Minneapolis! Lindsey and her mother Ellie pour their heart and souls into these gorgeous dolls. From gnomes, to dala horses, nesting dolls and lumberjacks, you can not go wrong with a Mpls Momma doll for your loved ones, big and small! 

Ellie & Lindsey hard at work creating their wonderful dolls!

Recently they have added two more dolls to the line-up. Lumber Jill & Ginger Jack! We sold of out the Ginger Jack tonight, but if you are desperate for this doll, shoot us an email here at and we can make sure you have a doll in time for the holidays! 

You know... I wonder if they would ever make a Babe the Blue Ox doll.... hmmm.

"Blue Babe" By Emily Kreuger

Emily Kreuger has a beautiful print of Babe the Blue Ox, I espeically appreciate the double axe and MN state cutout, atop a banner below that reads "Midwest is Best," what more could a true Paul fan ask for??  

"Floral Deer" by Emily Kreuger

Adam Turman Prints... that's what he or she could ask for :-) These prints were flying off the shelf tonight and it's easy to see why!

How can you blame folks for wanting to get a set of both "Paul & Babe Cheers" and "MN Abbey Road" in size 11x14? They are practically made to be displayed together!

The only thing that could make this selection even better, would be to add MN Months :-)


And finally, let's finish this feast for the eyes with a Northern character likely even more bad ass than Paul himself. Let's give it up for the Trapper's Daughter as she crosses the lake atop her loon friends, carrying her trusty axe. What a women, eh? 

 "The Trapper's Daughter Crosses the Lake" by Rick Allen

Ahhhhh, doesn't it feel good to talk Paul Bunyan for a bit? 


Abby & The Big Lake Family





  • Posted by Kathleen Rice(Kathy) on

    For those of you who love the story of Paul Bunyan and his trusty ox Babe, you’ll love the book “Babe” written by Roger MacDonald….a retired country doctor and friend. This book will make you laugh….and bring more than one tear to your eyes! A great read from a great friend. Dr. MacDonald has also written three books about his life as a country doc in the Northwoods (“Country Doctor’s Journal”) Loved them all, and so will you!

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